Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development Names Most Innovative Ideas


“These award entries are snapshots of what the future could look like if we handed the reins to these emerging leaders. I have no doubt that we will continue to see great things from these students,” said Gilberto Neves, president and CEO of Odebrecht USA.

The projects were judged by a panel of experts in fields ranging from construction to chemistry, and engineering to sustainability. The criteria included technical contribution, reasoning and depth, real-world applicability, and adherence to Odebrecht’s multifaceted view of sustainability as a synergy of economic development, social development, environmental balance, political participation, and cultural diversity.

A team from Johns Hopkins University took second place; Jay Hyug Choi, Sangkyun Cho, and Victor Hyun submitted “Pegasus (Paper for Education, Growth, and Sustainability)” with advising professor Erica Schoenberger. For their concept of a small-scale papermaking machine for students in third-world countries, the team won $7,000, as well as $4,000 for their professor and $4,000 to the university.

Third place went to North Carolina State University students Monica Golike, Richard Figueroa, and Nicole Santos, who submitted “Recyclability of Oil Contaminated Cardboard” with advising professor Melissa Pasquinelli. Their paper exploring new ways to recycle the 1.2 billion pizza boxes used in the U.S each year won the students $5,000, with $2,500 going to the professor and $2,500 going to the university. All may enter the process to become Odebrecht Young Partners or Braskem Associates; several students have already applied.

Florida International University representatives Susan Jay and Andres Tremante were also present to receive a special recognition, as three separate groups submitted entries that ranked on 4th, 5th, and 6th place consecutively.

Plans are already in place for the 2013 Odebrecht Award for Sustainable Development. To learn more about the award program, visit www.odebrechtaward.com.

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