Historic Hotels Restored, Others Linger


This Sept. 10, 2012 photo shows the Stonewall Jackson hotel in San Benito, Texas. Built in 1927, the grand hotel served as the center of society in the town that became an agricultural hub. (AP Photo/Valley Morning Star, Dina Arevalo)

In recent years, several entrepreneurs have tried to bring the region’s historic hotels back to life – some have made their dreams come true, others are still chasing them.

The old Cortez Hotel is now known as Villa de Cortez and stands as the model of a project that helped revitalize Weslaco’s downtown.

The renovation of Harlingen’s Reese Hotel drove a push to revive the city’s historic Jackson Street district.

But the fate of the Stonewall Jackson hangs in limbo, facing the scrutiny of city officials who want its owner to bring San Benito’s historic landmark up to code.

Restoring an old hotel to the charm of its heyday requires a long-term, major commitment, Patti Dittburner said.

“It takes passion and money. If somebody has the idea, I think San Benito needs that legacy,” she said.

The Dittburners helped lead the way for others who had similar dreams.

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