Intel Briefing – September 2012


Police, firefighters targeted in alleged ID theft scheme.
Two women remained jailed August 13 after being arrested the week of August 6 in an alleged identity theft scheme that targeted police officers and firefighters. An Atlanta police spokeswoman said the women visited Atlanta police precincts, fire stations, and Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) police substations on several days the week of August 6, under the guise of AFLAC insurance representatives. She said the women solicited many officers and supervisors ―to fill out an application packet that included vital personal identification information for the employees, their spouses and children.‖ The spokeswoman stated that when the women went to the APD Zone 1 precinct, a lieutenant began to question them, ―and eventually ejected them from his precinct.‖ The lieutenant contacted the department‘s personnel unit, and learned from AFLAC‘s actual representative to the city that the women were not authorized to solicit information. The women were caught and taken to the Fulton County Jail, charged with multiple counts of identity theft and racketeering. They remained in jail August 13 on $55,000 bond. The spokeswoman said 39 packets of personal information were recovered.


Jet skier breaks through JFK Airport’s $100 million security system.
A man whose jet ski failed him in New York‘s Jamaica Bay swam to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York City, where he was easily able to penetrate the airport‘s state-of-the art security system. He was able to swim up to and enter the airport grounds August 10, past an intricate system of motion sensors and closed-circuit cameras designed to to safeguard against terrorists, authorities said. The man climbed an 8-foot barbed-wire perimeter fence and walked undetected through the airport‘s Perimeter Intrusion Detection System and across two runways into Delta‘s terminal 3. He was eventually spotted by a Delta employee, and police charged him with criminal trespassing. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey officials responded saying they ―took immediate action to increase its police presence with round the clock patrols of the facility‘s perimeter and increased patrols by boat of the surrounding waterway.‖

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