CEAC Joins Chicago’s Working Men and Women In Mourning The Loss of Great Labor Leader

John “Tim” Phelan was a man so great his counsel was sought by those in the highest places of power. But his true greatness came from his willingness to reach out to those who were powerless. He was a man who could have been anything he put his mind to, yet he devoted his own […]

Chief Engineers Picnic A Smashing Success!

Another complete Success! The 14th Annual Family Picnic for 2000 was again a banner event. Ron Steele and his committee arranged a beautiful event as always, complete with great food, fun, games and many events for the kids. The catering people have always presented a delicious bill of fare for the crowd. Everything from Bar-B-Q’ed […]

Now You Can Make The Chief Engineer Your Internet Start Page!

You can now make the Chief Engineer your browser start page! By doing so, when you start your Web Browser, the Chief Engineer Homepage will automatically appear, giving you immediate access to all the information and resources you need as a Real Estate Professional! To make the Chief Engineer your browser start page, just click […]

Chief’s Website Collects Over 5,000 Hits During First 6 Days Of Public Display!

The Chief Engineers website has received 5,365 hits in just 6-days of public display according to a just released traffic analysis by Webtrends. The analysis showed actual successful hits for the entire site of 22,398. After deducting hits from Prairie Web Internet Marketing, the designers of the site, and the webmaster, the final tally resulted […]

Hey! That Little Doohickey On The Left Is For More Than You Might Think

  Email responses to the CEA indicate that some visitors don’t understand the subscription button on the CEA homepage, or how to use it. By entering your email address and clicking on the subscribe button, you will receive free notification via email when this site is updated, or when news that is relevant is posted […]