Neugart Introduces New WPSFN Right-Angle Gearbox

Neugar’s WPSFN right-angle gearbox is easily integrated into fast-moving indusrial drives for numerous applications.

Charlotte, NC — The WPSFN from Neugart is the latest in the company’s precision right-angle planetary gearboxes. Thanks to its standard flange interface, integrated hollow shaft, spiral bevel gearing and minimal installation height, customers can easily integrate the WPSFN into fast-moving industrial drives in packaging, machine tools, printing and more.

The WPSFN is Neugart’s shortest right-angle precision gearbox — requiring up to 25 percent less installation space than other right angle, spiral-bevel gearboxes. In addition, the compactness of the flange output shaft provides high torsional stiffness in turntables and other components requiring high precision and fast, cyclic operation.

With its spiral bevel and helical gearing planetary stage, the WPSFN achieves excellent synchronism. It is also a particularly quiet drive, operating with extremely low vibration and backlash to produce the highest possible surface quality in your machine operations.

The WPSFN is EN ISO 9409-1-compliant, making it easy to connect the gearbox to turntables, linear units and couplings.

To learn more about Neugart’s WPSFN right-angle planetary gearbox, visit our WPSFN Product Page at

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