H-O-H Water Technology: 50 Years of Making Chicago a City Where Water Works

HOH’s fleet of Delivery Specialists in Chicago, like Paul Woodcock shown here, are committed to delivering you the product you need, where you need it.

In 2018, more than 100 employees and extended family will gather to celebrate HOH Water Technology’s 50th year of doing business in Chicago. In addition to three generations of the company’s founding family, there will also be in attendance several employees who have served 40 or more years in the company.

Founded in 1968 by Robert F. Hutchison, “HOH” literally means water: two hydrogens and an oxygen. The founder took his expertise as a Lieutenant Commander in charge of the steam plants on ships in the United States Navy in World War II and poured it into creating a company that has been setting the curve in meeting the water treatment needs of Chicago area businesses for 50 years. At HOH, the leadership is now in its third generation with Robert’s son, Thomas Hutchison, serving as the CEO. He has carved out core values that create a culture where every employee is committed to making a lasting impact with water.

We caught up with some of the leaders and employees of the Chicago-based company and asked them what the future holds for HOH. They were excited that while the company has experienced enough growth to be innovative, it is still small enough to offer a personalized level of service that shows its customers that HOH truly cares about them. HOH has the capital to have extensive facilities for manufacturing and laboratory capabilities. Its personnel are excited about creating better and more cost-effective performance for their water treatment programs, and rolling out the products and services that will push the industry forward. But also, many of HOH’s employees grew up in Chicagoland. They live here and know the market. HOH’s customers are not just clients — they are also their neighbors. Sales Manager Joseph Kowal said that when he looks at the Chicago skyline, he knows that HOH had a big part in making his hometown of Chicago into a more energy-efficient city. That’s something to be proud of.

Luke Huntenburg, one of HOH’s Lab Technicians, performs a full analysis on a customer’s water sample. A state-of-the-art laboratory is a core component of HOH’s service model, allowing sales and service engineers full analytical access for their customers.

Reid Hutchison, grandson of the founder and current Director of Operations, reminded us that Chicago is the “City of the Big Shoulders.” That famous moniker comes from a line in a Carl Sandburg poem called “Chicago” that was written in 1914 to celebrate the hard-working nature of the city. Unlike New York City, which was considered the financial center of the country, Chicago was the city of labor, a place where giant, tireless men could take on any job and figure out how to make the impossible possible. HOH carries this hundred-year-old Chicago reputation into its company and its work in the city. The employees of HOH are folks who know how to get things done. Reid was quick to point out that these big-shouldered giants also represent the company’s clients. HOH Water Technology serves people and businesses that have built a great city, and who are continuing to make Chicago’s buildings run efficiently and its neighborhoods grow in environmentally friendly ways.

Whether they are working on a Historic Chicago Landmark, a beautiful new skyscraper, or a unique manufacturing process, the Water Quality Engineers and Service Representatives at HOH are directly involved in the inner workings of this great city.

“Come and show me another city with lifted head singing so proud to be alive and coarse and strong and cunning.”     

From “Chicago” by Carl Sandburg

Another one of the ways in which HOH is being true to its core values is by taking its mission of working with water in Chicagoland and spreading it to the greater purpose of ending the global water crisis. HOH had a team of 40 people run last year in the Team World Vision 6K in Chicago, which raised funds for clean water in communities in Africa. HOH is investing both the financial rewards of the success of the business and its time toward this cause. HOH’s tagline is “Where Water Works.” So when they say, “Where HOH Works,” they mean that HOH is dedicated to making water work both in its customers’ facilities and in struggling communities in Africa. In the years ahead, HOH is committed to being able to stand up as a company and say that it played a part in ending the global water crisis.

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