GROHE In-Wall Carriers and Innovations Deliver Smart Engineering for Stylish Restroom Layout

GROHE’S updated Rapid SL Frame Systems offer unprecedented design flexibility and installation ease for wall-hung fixtures.

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Wall-hung fixtures are a key feature of contemporary bathrooms. Newly updated GROHE Rapid SL in-wall carrier systems provide a secure and quick method of installing wall-hung toilets in residential and commercial applications.

Rapid SL innovations include permanent vertical struts to support various fixture types. Frames can either be built into stud walls or placed in front of a brick or stud wall. When used with wall-hung toilets, such as the DXV Modulus model, the new Rapid SL carriers feature factory set flush ratings to expedite installation and an improved incoming water supply that allows connection to multiple positions for maximum flexibility in space design.

Simple, Efficient Installation

Rapid SL has a number of pioneering technologies:

GROHE QuickFix reduces installation time significantly. Third-party tests conducted in Germany confirmed it takes 50 percent less time to install than competitors.

GROHE ToolFree allows users to connect the system easily. As its name depicts no tools are needed to connect the main water supply, flexible hose or inspection shaft.

GROHE EasyConnect enables the flush plate to accommodate all tile thicknesses with a pneumatic hose that connects the flush valve and a simple plug-in solution to expedite installation.

GROHE VarioPort allows the supply hose to be attached at any of four points: front, rear, left or right.

Outstanding User Experience, Resource-Efficient

The new Rapid SL carrier systems deliver more flexibility in choosing the correct toilet actuations. The system is compatible with all GROHE actuation plates for single and dual flushing. Plus, plates can be mounted either horizontally or vertically to best accommodate the bathroom layout, as well as the needs of users with various mobility levels. The exclusive GROHE Whisper technology delivers a whisper-quiet flush to provide the ultimate experience.

Like all GROHE EcoJoy products, the new Rapid SL carrier systems are systematically designed to save water and energy so that precious resources are conserved. The carrier systems, equipped with water-saving technologies, offer the perfect water experience without the need to compromise. These products help home and building owners reduce water consumption by allowing users to select the appropriate volume of water with each flush. Offering a choice of a reduced 0.8 gallon per flush (gpf) volume or a full, 1.6 gpf option, the Rapid SL offers an effective flush rate of 1.1 gpf to meet strict performance and building code standards as a CalGreen-compliant product.

These latest additions to the GROHE Rapid SL range offer high-style options for customized bathroom design and efficient installation by specifiers and builders, and offer a confirmed load bearing capacity and stability of 880 lbs. Rapid SL carriers start at a list price of $519.

To learn more, visit GROHE.US.

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