Sigma-Netics Introduces New Diaphragm-Operated Pressure Switches

Sigma-Netics’ new diaphragm-operated pressure switches are designed to function in rugged environments.

Riverdale, NJ – For operation in tough environments, Sigma-Netics Inc. has added two diaphragm-operated options to its portfolio of ruggedized pressure switches. Similar products were only previously available in piston-based operations.

The new 745 and 785 series of pressure switches are designed for low-pressure, high-sensitivity applications, including off-road or industrial OEM equipment, train braking systems, compactors, compressors and fuel systems. For maximum environmental protection, the 785 model is equipped with a 2- or 3-pin Deutsch connector.

Compliant with IP67 standards, both models have a temperature range of -40 to +250°F and are designed to thrive in tough environments containing oil, fuel, water, dust, vibration or shock. Custom configurations are available.

For more information on the 745 Series, visit:

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