President’s Message May 2017

Greetings Members,

May is here and not a moment too soon. Baseball is back in the air here in the city of the world champion Cubs. The White Sox … well, the White Sox are on the front end of a very long rebuilding season of maybe 70 wins. The Blackhawks are in the playoffs in what seems to be a never-ending season, and the Bulls made the playoffs, which was a surprising development. In all, things are going pretty smoothly for the Chicago sports teams, and with weather cooperating it is a great occasion to take the family out for a night at one of the ballparks.

Our Vendor Fair was praised for its attendance and for the well-planned event which came off with few to no problems. The real heroes behind the event are Ken Botta and Ralph White, who are the chairman and co-chairman, respectively. They saw to it that all the booths were rented to capacity, and that the night’s agenda was kept on track. Alex Boerner and John Fanning kept the sign-in process moving so everyone was able to get into the event quickly and efficiently. Thanks go to Gaelic park and their staff for treating us to great hospitality. Many members came away with some great gifts and prizes from the various Associate members who made the night a profitable one for the organization.

This month will see us host an Associate member appreciation meeting where we will field questions from our concerned advertisers and hopefully move the organization closer to a group that serves many while including all. We will also host a tailgate party in an inflatable pub located in the parking lot of local 399 complete with live music and good food. Lastly in May we have the barbecue meeting in the south parking lot of the Union Hall, where we will draw the $10,000 winner of the Harley Davidson drawing. We hope to see all of you there and encourage you to bring a friend when you do so that more people can consider joining our ranks.

My older son will graduate from college this month after 4 years of hard work, and I want to congratulate him on this accomplishment. The organization was instrumental in helping his journey, and I am grateful to you for that. I hope everyone enjoys graduation season and enters summer safely and in good health.

Thank you and God bless.


Dennis Nolan


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