President’s Message April 2017


Members, a late season snowstorm hit us hard in mid March and reminded us of why Chicago is a city of durable souls. Followed by warm days of melting snow testing our gutters, roof drains and sewers, we were given an early season look at how our drainage systems are performing. Our annual March meeting saw a huge turnout, and we are grateful to our various sponsors for helping us bring a great event to fruition. So a big shout out to Air comfort, Bear Construction, F.E. Moran sprinkler division, Chem-Aqua, Parkway Elevators, and Able Engineering who provided our music by the BoiIs, who always put on a great show. Harrington’s Beef was the center stage meal and they never disappoint. The Irish American Heritage Center was the venue and they serve the best pint this side of the pond.

This month’s Vendor fair is shaping up to be a huge event on the level with our March meeting and then we go to the 399 Union Hall for our May BBQ which caps out the first part of the year, getting groups of over 300 for every event. Our advertising partners for these meetings are getting great bang for their advertising buck, and the spots are filling up faster than ever for these prime opportunities. If you think your group would benefit from the exposure these events are bringing, then call us as soon as you can commit to a opening and we will make a match. Specifically we have openings for May BBQ, which will fill fast and which will be the last chance to sponsor a monthly meeting until October.

Membership counts are growing slowly and many Chiefs are inviting the Asst. Chiefs in their buildings, which, for our association, is the best type of growth. If you have any member of your crew who supervises engineers, they are able to become a member and we would love to have them. If you have a service provider and/or a material sales person who would like to come to a meeting, bring them as a guest. The more the merrier, when it comes to our group.

Spring is in the air and our profession puts in long hours bringing our chillers online and prepping for cooling throughout the building. This is a time when we can look to our suppliers to bring us up to speed on the latest controls and procedures being introduced into the market today. Ask the questions and get the information that helps make us better at our game. Know more and do more, and we will always be the go-to team for every building.

Thanks Sincerely

Dennis Nolan

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