Lionheart on Track to be King of Power

By John Fanning

When a major hospital and trauma center in Alaska began experiencing intermittent failure on more than one of their Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) feeding critical load, real concern quickly spread through their facility staff. Alaska has been known to experience some harsh weather and extreme temperatures. They also, on average, experience 12,000 earthquakes each year, including about six that come in a magnitude of 6 and 7. At magnitudes like that, even well-constructed buildings can experience partial collapse and be shifted off their foundation. Needless to say, Alaska is a place where every critical facility has to have emergency power ready to go at every moment of every day.

Plenty of parts are ready for projects, throughout the Chicagoland area

When the call went out that the hospital’s ATS’s were out of commission, local service techs immediately responded. But try as they might to troubleshoot the problem, one by one they wound up scratching their heads, unable to find the issue plaguing the facility.

Finally, the client contacted the equipment manufacturer. And even though the manufacturer had its own service department, they recommended a service company that they knew could not only isolate but resolve their issues.

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