LionHeart Launches New Branding to Match Digital Tools, Growth Plans

HUNTLEY, Ill. — A local service company, LionHeart Critical Power Specialists, launched a new brand identity on July 10th, which included a new website, and digital tools. LionHeart leadership expects new branding to allow the company to better communicate its advanced technical abilities and customer service innovations with its clients.

LionHeart has been in the business of servicing critical power equipment for commercial clients since 1999. The company has grown to 23 full-time technicians and a full support staff to service its more than 1,000 clients.

“We will continue to take any step necessary to be the best organization in the industry — from embracing new technologies to providing customers with a brand that stands out, we’ll do anything it takes to stay ahead of our competitors,” said Jack Sobol, LionHeart’s Project Solutions Manager.

As an organization within a traditional industry, LionHeart has garnered attention for its recent implementations of cloud-based service software and overall growth. LionHeart reported that investing in company-wide updates has been a part of expanding its client base and possible plans to expand into new territories.

Monty Hagberg, LionHeart’s Client Relations Manager, spoke about the brand identity as a finishing touch on an already very strong brand: “Our clients have always been loyal, regardless of our mismatched colors and logos throughout the years. It’s our reliable service that keeps our clients happy, but investing in a brand identity that can visually match who we are, and can get our employees and clients even more excited about our brand, is an awesome asset.”

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