Connect 2017

Oct. 3-6

Wisconsin Center

400 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee

CONNECT 2017 heads to the shores of Lake Michigan, a city rich in history and culture. Whether you’re in service and repair or in new construction, plumbing or HVAC, open shop or signatory, make plans now to be there in Milwaukee!

Keynote Speakers

Technology is advancing quickly in the p-h-c industry. This year’s keynote speakers are here to help you keep up!

Chris Baldwin

President, Kitchen & Bath Americas

Kohler Co.

Chris Baldwin will discuss the current state of the p-h-c industry and where to go from here.

Dr. Charlie Miller

Renowned White Hat Hacker

Chris Valasek

Renowned White Hat Hacker

White hat hackers Dr. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek will come together for a joint keynote on the Internet of Things (IoT) and security.

Key Events

QSC Power Meeting: Special Edition

Take your service and repair business to the next level with the executive level business management education you need. Designed specifically for owners and senior managers, this Special Edition promises to challenge assumptions and provide ready-to-use knowledge and tools to help turbo-charge your team.

Tuesday, Oct. 3

Welcome Mixer With Industry Partners

Profit First – How To Make Any Business Highly Profitable

Mike Michalowicz

The profit formula is simple: Sales – Expense = Profit. The only problem is, it’s a lie. In this powerful session, Michael Michalowicz will show you why the formula entrepreneurs use to calculate profit actually inhibits it. He will then share a new approach to profit — taking it first — that instantly changes everything. With this simple yet profound change, any business will become instantly and permanently profitable.

QSC Dine-Around (off-site)

Wednesday, Oct. 4

Continental Breakfast with Industry Partners

Education Session: “The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)”

Ryan Doerr, The Spire Group

No theory, no management fads … just simple concepts and practical tools that help people to get more of the right stuff done every week. Ryan Doerr shares six key components of the EOS that will align your employees’ daily activities with your goals, keeping everyone accountable and focused on getting your company where you want it to be.

Education Session: “Managing Change and Process Improvement”

Dale Carnegie Training

Networking Lunch

Profit Mastery: Making Metrics Matter

Steve LeFever, Profit Mastery

As a business owner, what should you be measuring to assess your success? And how do banks or investors measure your business? In this session you’ll learn specific actions you can take NOW to evaluate and manage performance. You will also be introduced to Profit Master, a road-tested seven-point checklist of

performance tools any business owner should implement. And you’ll gain insight into how you can evaluate and improve your “bankability.”

Thursday, Oct. 5

QSC Networking Reception

Presenting food, fun and live entertainment by The Prairie Surfers with special guests the QSC ALL STARS!

Educational Session Highlights

Many more sessions available: For more information, visit and click on the link below “Education Sessions.”

Wednesday, Oct. 4

QSC Power Meeting Special Edition

All Day

Take your service and repair business to the next level with the executive-level business management education you need. Designed specifically for owners and senior managers, this Special Edition will challenge your assumptions and provide you with ready-to-use knowledge and tools that will turbo-charge your team!

Kohler Factory Tour & Lunch


Discover the history behind the nation’s largest plumbing-ware manufacturer and tour numerous buildings – pottery, brass and foundry – where everything from vitreous china bathroom sinks to KOHLER Enameled Cast Iron baths are created. After the tour, visit the Kohler Design Center and then enjoy lunch at Blackwolf Run Golf Course.

Pre-registration required; $45; 50-person limit.

The Flint, Michigan Water Crisis: What went wrong, and can it happen again?

Sean Cleary, IAPMO


What went wrong in Flint, Michigan? Join us as we examine the timeline and uncover the actions – or inactions – of local, state and federal officials. Was this an isolated incident, or simply a focal point of what is now a widespread problem with water quality and a deteriorating public infrastructure? Let’s look at how we can prevent these issues from happening in the future!

Thursday, Oct. 5

Changing the Conversation

Jeff Bledsoe, Daikin North America, LLC


Do you have concerns about how to get involved and take advantage of the new HVAC inverter trend that is drastically growing market share in the United States? Think the price is too high? It’s too complicated? Come learn how to change the conversations you’re having with your customers and how to properly position this equipment and your company so that you can take advantage of this trend and grow your business.

Top HVAC Trends and Technologies to Improve Energy Efficiency

Becky Hoelscher, Emerson Climate Technologies


With new regulatory changes on efficiency standards and refrigerant management hitting HVAC contractors fast, it’s hard for you to keep up. This session, though, will set you on pace. Learn how to prepare for future regulatory dynamics (particularly refrigerant de-listings and DOE minimum efficiency standards) and their implications on building investments … then take the lead with the latest trends and technologies in commercial HVAC.

Growing Your Business with Leak Mitigation

Ian Greene, FloLogic, Inc.


Plumbing leak mitigation systems with automatic water shutoff present a lucrative business opportunity – both in the sales and installation of the devices and in the increased repair calls that result when leaks are detected in real time. While the Internet of Things is making more leak detection devices available to consumers, not all provide adequate protection. Learn how to effectively sell superior leak detection technologies and boost your value as an installing contractor.

Friday, Oct. 6

The Digital Contractor: Disruption, Acceleration, and the Future of Productivity & Profit (Part 1)

Kirk Alter, Fast Management Inc. and Purdue University


Change in construction has come … and it’s coming so fast and at such a scale that many contractors are unable to react in time. This session isn’t just about technology — it’s about the current state of the industry; where disruption is occurring and who is leading it; how acceleration is affecting all businesses (including your customers’); and how you can create strategies and tactics to increase your productivity and profitability.

The Digital Contractor: Disruption, Acceleration, and the Future of Productivity & Profit (Part 2)

Kirk Alter, Fast Management Inc. and Purdue University


Stay in the room or join us for Part 2 of this session, as we continue the conversation about strategically embracing disruption and acceleration in how we build, renovate, remodel and service. Make no mistake, BAU — Business As Usual — will not keep working. Your profits and long-term succession plans soon will be challenged by people who think differently about how p-h-c businesses can operate. Our discussion will focus on learning how to achieve outrageous success in this new environment!

Grow Your Business: Engage with the 160 million GenX’ers & Millennials

Bob Barnes, FreshLime


Almost 70 percent of adults are either GenX’ers or Millennials. That’s 160 million people! What can you do to reach them? Come hear from representatives from both demographic groups on how to effectively attract, service and retain them as customers through email, text and social media. Like it or not, we live in a world where most adults have never heard of a Rolodex or used a phone book … and where people talk more with their thumbs than their mouths. Have no fear, this session will help you reach them!