Commercial HVAC: Achieving High Delta T, Low GPM Using Industry Standard Components

GREENSBORO, N.C. /PRNewswire/ — GSI3 announces the issuance of the first of two patents, U.S. Patent No. 9,709,301 and 9,709,287, in a series of patents that are the cornerstones of a simple new design which delivers a true high Delta T, Low GPM, HVAC system utilizing standard industry components. In moderate climates, GSI3’s system will lower energy demand upwards to 80 percent while virtually eliminating water usage. Despite these breakthrough savings, GSI3 will generate the same cooling as conventional systems.

“Imagine every private and public building in Las Vegas, Dubai, Paris and Tokyo … indeed in every city of the world … using 40 percent to 60 percent less energy for their HVAC systems,” imagined Gerald McDonnell, lead inventor and founder of GSI3. “Now reduce the system water usage by 30 percent to 50 percent. How many lakes would we fill?”

Additionally, the design is the first of its kind to allow for substantially higher fresh air supply across all environments without penalty. As a result, the GSI3 system successfully addresses the “sick building” syndrome.

GSI3 is currently in talks with industry conglomerates. ”Our goal is to find an innovative partner who has the market breadth and ability to ensure the GSI3 system is employed worldwide,” said Jeffrey Cheesman, co-inventor. “We hope to have this concluded by year’s end.”


GSI3, a privately held corporation, was formed to strikingly redefine the HVAC industry via technology that conserves costs by dramatically increasing water & energy efficiency. Gerald McDonnell is an industry recognized HVAC inventor, educator and engineer who has been awarded over 40 US Patents. As founding partner of Aligned Energy, Mr. McDonnell invented the most efficient data center cooling system currently available.

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