Aggreko Cools Williams Arena for Lynx Playoffs

When women’s professional basketball team the Minnesota Lynx had to locate a new home for its playoff games, the chosen site was the Williams Arena, but there was a snag — the building’s air conditioning wasn’t up to par for the athletes or spectators, according to WNBA guidelines.

At that point, Aggreko was called to bring the situation up to code. The arena, which was built in 1928, before air conditioning was available, hadn’t been constructed with the needed cooling requirements in mind, so Aggreko’s engineers had to find a solution to the challenge of doing the necessary install in a limited space.

Aggreko was pleased with the cooperation they received to accommodate the required solution, because it was a big job that took up a lot of valuable real estate around the property. Three large diesel generators were brought in to power eight big chillers that subsequently fed into 16 huge air handlers. Aggreko’s engineers also had to improvise a temporary port into the side of the arena to tie into the building’s own internal air handling system.

Aggreko has a tremendous amount of experience equipping sports events with the right climate. Regardless of the size, Aggreko Events Services gives the events industry the power to be spectacular.

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