Energy Forum IDEA2015 to Meet This Month

For 106 years now, the International District Energy Association has convened its annual trade show. IDEA2015 will be an international forum shaping the next generation of energy for cities, bringing together experienced global industry leaders from across North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East to discuss and debate the state and the future of energy.


Taking place primarily at Boston’s John P. Hynes Convention Center, the event offers incredible opportunities to explore best practices in developing, owning and operating district energy, CHP & microgrids in cities, drawing from local operations including Boston campuses, pharma and biomedical industries, and medical institutions. The event illustrates how the utility industry is quickly transforming the way it generates, distributes and values energy, particularly as it relates to more sustainable and resilient cities and communities.


Here is a selection of the subjects that attendees of IDEA2015


will have the opportunity to explore:


Saturday, June 27, 10:00am-5:00pm

Workshop #1: Sustainable, Resilient Microgrids & the Town-Gown Relationship – Room 302


Now more than ever, cities, towns and communities are seeking more sustainable and reliable energy supplies. Historically, institutional campuses have led the way in building, owning and optimizing highly resilient CHP/district energy systems to support mission critical operations like healthcare and research. This workshop will focus on best practices in emergency preparedness, operational resiliency and design guidance on the functionality of district energy/CHP/microgrids. Partnership strategies for Mutual Assistance for District Energy (MADE) will be discussed along with approaches to expanding opportunities for community energy economic development. The workshop will be followed by a tour of the Harvard Blackstone Steam Plant and the new 7 MW CHP unit recently installed as backbone to Harvard University’s microgrid.


Sunday, June 28, 9:00am-4:00pm

Workshop #2: District Energy /CHP: Community Energy Policies for Deployment – International Energy Agency (IEA) “Structured for Success” – Room 302


Community leaders are seeking guidance and insight on how to invest in a new district energy system. This workshop will explore proven approaches to setting up an appropriate business model; developing zoning and policy platforms; analyzing relevant planning and energy data; assessing strategic partnerships; and energizing effective project champions. Workshop leaders will discuss appropriate governance and financial strategies for a range of settings. This comprehensive workshop is aimed for city planners, sustainability directors, economic development officials, utility business development professionals and consultants using case studies and best practices.


Attendees will discover the tools and strategies that are fundamental to successful deployment.


Strategic decision-making guidance and governance model cases for deploying district

energy from United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Denmark and South Korea

Infrastructure Investment – Accessing Capital, Getting to Buildout

IEA PLAN4DE – A walk score tool to assess project viability

DEA District Energy Screening Tool – Getting a first order assessment of feasibility

How to gather the right information and right people to launch a Community Energy System


Monday, June 29, 8:00am-5:00pm

Special Workshop for Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN) – Invitation only – Room 313


The City of Boston Office of Environment, Energy & Open Spaces is hosting a special (invitation-only) workshop for the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN) in parallel with the IDEA Conference. This workshop will focus on policies and best practices for city leaders to deploy multibuilding microgrids and district energy systems in cities. Tier 1 Cities include Boston, New York City and Washington, D.C. Tier 2 cities include Ann Arbor, MI; Boulder, CO; and Chicago, IL. (USDN Workshop is not open to IDEA conferees)

Monday, June 29, 8:15-9:15am

Panel Discussion #1: District Energy in Cities – Ballroom B


Insightful city planners and sustainability directors are seeking proven solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, optimize local resources, enhance economic resiliency and strengthen critical energy infrastructure. This panel brings urban sustainability leaders together with global industry leaders to discuss emerging drivers for deployment and expansion of district energy in cities, such as cutting greenhouse gas emissions, addressing climate adaptation, enhancing business continuity and economic resiliency.


Invited Panelists:

Austin Blackmon – Chief of Environment, Energy and Open Space, City of Boston, MA

Grant Ervin – Sustainability Manager, City of Pittsburgh, PA

Shannon Lawrence – Head of Energy Initiative, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Susanne Rasmussen – Director of Environmental and Transportation Planning, City of Cambridge, MA Lily Riahi – Advisor, Sustainable Energy in Cities, United Nations Environmental Program, District Energy in Cities Initiative

Kim Sung-hei – CEO, Korea District Heating Corporation

Tim Taylor – Senior Advisor, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, City of Christchurch, New Zealand


Monday, June 29, 9:15-10:15am

Panel Discussion #2: Paradigm Shift – Utility of The Future – Ballroom B


Traditional utilities are in the midst of a profound paradigm shift, moving to better-integrated thermal energy and storage, renewables, microgrids and prosumer interactivity. The panel will discuss how utilities, regulators and industry are adapting to accelerate deployment of cleaner, more resilient energy infrastructure for cities.


Invited Panelists:

Bill DiCroce – President & COO, Municipal and Commercial Business Lines, Veolia Energy North America

Betty Ann Kane – Chairman, Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia

Richard Kessel – President & CEO, Medical Area Total Energy Plant (MATEP)

Werner Lutsch – CEO & Managing Director, AGFW

Angie O’Connor – Chairman, Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

Constantine (Gus) Sanoulis – Vice President, Con Edison Steam

Ken Smith – President & CEO, Ever-Green Energy


For more information and to register for IDEA2015, please visit the website at