ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry

Energy Efficiency: Integrating Technology, Policy and People


Hyatt Regency Buffalo

Buffalo, NY

August 4-6, 2015


Industrial Summer Study Overview

Industrial energy efficiency is changing — gone are the days of a single person in a plant trying to manage plant energy use by themselves with an Multimeter and an Excel spreadsheet — now it’s all about integrating energy data into production management systems and empowering decision makers with contextualized historical information and near real-time energy cost forecasting. This year’s ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry will bring you the latest thinking on managing plant energy use, national energy policy and industrial energy efficiency program administration.


Lunch and dinner sessions will feature thought leaders on the direction of industrial energy efficiency. Each will be chosen for their leadership and ability to see ten-twenty years into the future of industrial energy use.


Likely Participants Include: Energy efficiency program administrators, evaluators, and contractors; public utility commission and consumer counselor staff members, corporate energy managers and government relations professionals; professionals in the utility sector with responsibilities for efficiency programs, resource planning, regulatory compliance and government relations; energy efficiency solution providers; state energy office officials; energy management firms; and energy efficiency advocacy organizations.



This year’s conference will have six panels with concurrent sessions held over two days, each developed around a hot topic in industry energy efficiency:


1.  Strategic Energy Management

2.  Sustainability

3.  Smart Manufacturing

4.  Beyond Best Practices

5.  Policy and Resource Planning

6.  Delivering Results



One of the most valued features of ACEEE Summer Studies is the opportunity to network. The program will include many breaks of considerable length to facilitate quality conversations. As the title of this year’s conference indicates, energy efficiency is all about connecting people with challenges with those who have solutions. We suggest having several business cards on-hand.


New for 2015: Networking Cafe. We’re launching this year’s event with a Networking Café, sponsored by the Northwest Industrial SEM Collaborative, on Tuesday evening. During the Café, everyone will have an opportunity to share their thoughts about the emerging issues within industrial energy efficiency. Our cafe facilitator will help consolidate the ideas and share them with attendees as a platform for future discussion.


Informal Sessions

Informal sessions are pre-scheduled group discussions intended for those who want to discuss a specific topic.These sessions should be a moderated group discussion, not a speaker and audience format. No PowerPoint presentations or commercial materials will be allowed.


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ACEEE National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource


Statehouse Convention Center

Little Rock, AR

September 20-22, 2015


ACEEE National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource Overview

The ACEEE National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource is a biennial event that was first held in 2001. The conference is widely recognized as the premiere event for examining energy efficiency as a strategic and critical utility system resource. The program content will be specifically designed to focus on the issues related to utility-sector energy efficiency policies and programs. Industry leaders will gather to discuss the latest developments in the use of energy efficiency as a key resource for meeting customer and utility system needs and for addressing other critical economic and environmental objectives.


Energy efficiency’s importance as a utility resource has never been greater than it is now. The utility industry faces high power plant construction costs and growing cost recovery risks; high and volatile fuel costs; a new wave of environmental compliance costs; mounting concerns about system reliability, and increasing calls for action to address global warming. Energy efficiency is the least-cost response to each of those challenges. Moreover, improving energy efficiency in our homes, businesses and industries reduces energy costs, creates jobs and improves the environment. As a result of all of these factors, many states have now established aggressive energy savings goals, pushing programs to achieve and sustain unprecedented savings.


With these new requirements and goals come a variety of new challenges. The conference will highlight important advances being made in the design and delivery of customer energy efficiency programs, and in the regulatory mechanisms that help make them possible. We will address the many issues facing utilities as they acquire and integrate this resource into their planning and operations.


Companies interested in learning more about the benefits of supporting the conference through funding should contact Marty Kushler.


Likely Participants Include: Leading experts from a broad spectrum of energy industry stakeholders including utilities, regulatory commissions, state government, consultants, manufacturers, environmental organizations, consumer groups and research institutes.


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