ATLANTA, Geo. – HandyTrac, the leading key management and control system in the multi-housing and commercial property industries, announced the launch of its key control system fully integrating Biometric Identity Verification into its protocol. The innovation makes the system the most secure key control technology in the country.

As an alternate to employee ID badges or passwords, which can be lost or stolen, the new HandyTrac system uses a biometric reader to scan an employee’s fingerprint and match it against authorized users to open the door.

“In analyzing technologies to make our system the industry’s most secure, the human fingerprint, since each is unique to an individual, was found to be the most secure and reliable in verifying identity,” states John Lie-Nielsen, CEO, HandyTrac Systems. “With biometric readers being incorporated into everything from smartphones to security doors, we found the technology easy to integrate into our system.”

The new Biometric technology enhances audit trail credibility and security while eliminating the frustration of lost or damaged employee badges. The reader is incorporated directly into the system’s Ethernet Datalog.

HandyTrac’s renowned standard features such as random key rotation, coded keys, off site data backup, detailed reports and low power consumption remain intact.

About HandyTrac
The HandyTrac Key Control System provides apartment industry key control, as well as student housing and military housing with a secure, low cost, key control and key tracking system. Their patented online key management system is the first and only key control solution that ensures all of clients’ data are backed up with an audit trail. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-665-9994.