Engineered Corrosion Solutions – March 13, 2014


“We don’t want to confuse the attendees with dozens of different vendors with similar, or in some cases, identical capabilities and technologies.”

In most cases, Mr. Brand knows the vendor personally and has worked with them for decades.

“Attendees will not only have the opportunity to listen to some of the industries most experienced speakers, but also be introduced to highly competent, trustworthy vendors who will be more than happy to come out to their facilities after the conference to address their specific concerns.”

Corrosion is the root-cause of everything we’re talking about. But painting and coating, are just a couple of tools to prevent or reduce corrosion. There are a number of other technologies out there that, in many cases, are better, last longer and are less costly over their life expectancy.

In addition to paint and coating suppliers and applicators, we will have people at the show speaking about cathodic protection, galvanizing, pipe wrapping and one vendor that specializes in structure rebuilding of corroded assets with resinous solutions.


As part of ECS, Mr. Brand has teamed up with Drake University in Iowa to conduct an objective analysis as to how much is actually being spent on corrosion remediation solutions (primarily paint and coating).

He explained that they will be gathering data and presenting the results at the conference.

“I suspect that owners are really only getting pennies on the dollar when it comes to many paint and coating applications,” Mr. Brand said.

How do you calculate the cost of coating something once in 24 years (as is the case with the CBOT tanks) and the cost of coating something 7 times in 15 years? I’m hoping to be able to begin to quantify these figures and present them to our attendees on March 13th, said Brand.

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