WaterSignal Enters New Vertical Market With Large Mall Installations

WaterSignal, the first wireless system that continuously monitors water usage in real time, announces that it installed systems at two of Atlanta’s largest shopping malls: Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza.

“After successful installations in commercial properties around the country, we are excited to enter a new vertical market that has the same needs of conserving water, detecting leaks and lowering water costs,” states Scott Kale, vice president, WaterSignal.

Utilizing breakthrough technology, WaterSignal is a self-contained, non-intrusive monitor that listens to the pulse of the water meter, and sends real time data wirelessly to a website portal to view the property’s water consumption by the month, day or even down to the hour.

If a major leak occurs, much like an energy surge popping a circuit breaker, the device immediately alerts the manager or engineer that a water spike above the preset limit has occurred. The alert can be sent to both a computer and a smartphone for the manager to act upon, and can be customized for business hours as well as after hours and weekends.

While the WaterSignal monitoring system can help reduce the catastrophic costs associated with undetected leaks, the data the system collects plays a vital role in the building manager’s water conservation efforts. According to Kale, the system can help reduce a building’s water bill by 14 percent on average.

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