Tribune Tower Saves With Equipment Upgrade


Kroeschell Engineering most recently updated the Tribune Tower's old boilers (left) to new 150 Bhp, Bryan, stage fired boilers.

The approach Kroeschell took to the project, according to Kenneth L. Capasso, the Senior Project Manager who would eventually head the unique project for Kroeschell, was to dismantle the three existing Lasker, high-pressure water tube boilers on site, removing them in pieces and using both an abandoned coal shaft and elevator shaft to transport old equipment out, and new equipment into place. While the project was planned to begin in May of 2012, when heating was not an issue in the building, one boiler would still be required to remain in operation at all times for producing tenant domestic hot water. This meant that the five new, Bryan Low-Pressure water tube boilers that would replace the existing boilers would also have to be brought down in pieces and reassembled on-site before the last existing boiler could be demolished and removed.

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