The Future of Energy: Policy, Technology & Cost


Boilers at Consumer Energy's B.C. Cobb Plant on Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010. By 2015, Muskegon will likely lose its largest taxpayer and about 120 jobs when Consumers Energy potentially shuts down the B.C. Cobb generating plant on Muskegon Lake. (AP Photo/The Muskegon Chronicle, Jeffrey Ball)

In the past, a powerful energy lobby has been able to keep some distinction between energy and environment. The EPA put forth rules and regulations pertaining to the environment and the DOE put forth initiatives to improve energy development, concentrating mostly on nuclear and fossil fuels. Under Obama, things have changed. To being with, the White House has consistently signaled that it has adopted a policy recognizing a clear relationship between energy and the environment, which has blurred the boundaries that once existed. The President has also made clear his intention to make global warming a front and center issue in all future policy related to energy.

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