Portage Leaders Work To Define US 20 Corridor


Gurgon, who owns about 1.5 acres and operated a trucking dispatch business for many years, said including the area from Ind. 51 east would give visitors two stopping off points from the nearby intersections.

“I could see businesses popping up as you go east to the national park. You could catch so many people there,” Gurgon said.

Monroe agrees that neighboring municipalities need to be cognizant of what each other are doing in redeveloping the highway, but he sees a practical approach in Portage’s plans.

“It will be a realistic, pragmatic approach to development along the corridor,” Monroe said.

Monroe expects Portage’s study to be completed in late summer, but the city already has captured “lowhanging fruit” in the redevelopment effort.

The Redevelopment Commission recently completed purchasing the former Don’s Motel and Castaway Motel. Both will be demolished and the property cleaned up by the city.

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