New Metrics Impact Maintenance And Reliability Industry


Work Planning Metrics – Determines the effectiveness of the work planning process. Internally provides insight into the efficiency and accuracy of plan development, and externally measure how those plans are used to increase workforce efficiency.

Work Scheduling Metrics – Examines the effectiveness of the scheduling process by determining how well the schedule is adhered to. Additionally these metrics provide insight into the effectiveness of the Preventive and Predictive Maintenance programs by comparing the ratio of reactive work to proactive work and calculating the yield of those activities.

Backlog Management Metrics – Determines how well the Maintenance Work Management process is functioning and its ability to move work through the system. Collectively, these metrics determine whether the labor resources available in the Maintenance organization are balanced with the workload demands placed upon it. They also provide insight into the level of importance placed upon Preventive and Predictive Maintenance activities by tracking the rate which they move through the system.

Resource Management of People – Provides insight into the effectiveness of the labor management process and determines whether the staff support to the craft resource pool is adequate. They also examine the usage and management of contract resources and help determine whether the appropriate balance is placed on fixed and variable resources.

Resource Management of Materials – Illustrates how well the storeroom and inventory management processes are working and can provide insight into leverage points for improvement within the materials management arena.

SMRP will be offering a 4th edition of SMRP Best Practices – a comprehensive compendium of all SMRP Standardized Metrics to date in a single PDF during their annual conference at the Indianapolis Convention Center. The new edition includes all revisions and updates developed by SMRP’s Best Practices Committee since the third edition was released. Members can access new Standardized Metrics in the Library of Knowledge on .

About Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP)

The Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) is a nonprofit professional society formed by practitioners to serve leaders and advance Reliability and Physical Asset Management. SMRP provides value for individual practitioners and companies who practice and sustain Maintenance and Reliability (M&R) best practices. With nearly 4,000 members worldwide, the SMRP community is dedicated to provide a vast array of benefits, including international affiliations, domestic public and private partnerships, educational opportunities, M&R Body of Knowledge resources, ANSI-accredited certifications, shared interest groups, and many local and global networking events.

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