Through the Metro-Tech II’s color touch screen interface, operators can view real-time operating conditions and alarms, change both set and command points, and use a built-in integrated help screen whenever questions may arise. It’s easy to use functionality makes the set up and operation of a pump system truly intuitive.

Currently, the controller is available in three different models, incorporating three different PLCs.

Protected by multiple levels of password protection and requiring minimum maintenance, this technologically advanced controller maintains a constant discharge pressure by varying the speed of the pressure booster pumps while maintaining system flow requirements.

This control strategy saves energy, reduces water hammer and provides accurate set point control even under the most demanding conditions. It also provides real-time troubleshooting, and with an optional built-in web page, systems can be monitored remotely by connecting to the onboard Ethernet port.

The Metro-Tech II is available in standard configuration capable of controlling up to four pumps and customized configurations to meet any requirements.

“Our end goal in developing the Metro-Tech II line was to design a pump controller that integrated pumping operations on a simple to use platform,” said Metropolitan Industries national sales manager Mike Tierney. “The program we’ve created allows even novices in pump system operation to configure systems seamlessly. It’s easy to use functionality combined with smart pump technology ensures operators are getting the very most out of their pumping systems.”

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