America’s Infrastructure GPA Inches Up to a D+ on National Report Card


Illinois Raising the Grades Success Stories include:

Interstate 55 Reconstruction Project

  • The Illinois DOT has begun using Smart Traffic Monitoring Systems to alter traffic patterns through innovative staging and computer-aided traffic control during highway projects.

Chicago Transit Expansion

  • The city opened the new Morgan Station, the first brand-new CTA station in 15 years. Morgan was a logical location for a new station, as it connects Ashland and Clinton and also connects the rest of the city with much of the new development in the area.


For the first time, the Report Card is available as a digital application that includes videos, state by state data, and other multimedia tools. Available for download from iTunes and Google Play, the app is supported across all major platforms and devices.

It is also accessible online at, and is supported across all major platforms and devices.


Using a simple A to F school report card format, the Report Card provides a comprehensive assessment of current infrastructure conditions and needs, both assigning grades and making recommendations for how to raise them. An Advisory Council of leading civil engineers appointed by ASCE assigns the grades according to the following eight criteria: capacity, condition, funding, future need, operation and maintenance, public safety, resilience, and innovation. Since 1998, the grades have been near failing, averaging only Ds, due to delayed maintenance and underinvestment across most categories.

To view and download the 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, please visit

To download the 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure to your phone or tablet, please visit iTunes and Google Play.

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