America’s Infrastructure GPA Inches Up to a D+ on National Report Card


Key trends driving improvements included:

  • Renewed efforts in cities and states to address deficient roads, bridges, drinking water and wastewater systems;
  • Private investment for efficiency and connectivity brought improvements in the nation’s railways, ports, and energy grid;
  • Several categories benefited from short-term boosts in federal funding.

“A D+ is simply unacceptable for anyone serious about strengthening our nation’s economy; however, the 2013 Report Card shows that this problem can be solved. If we want to create jobs, increase trade, and assure the safety of our children, then infrastructure investment is the answer,” said ASCE President Gregory E. DiLoreto, P.E.

“We must commit today to investing in modern, efficient infrastructure systems to position the U.S. for economic prosperity,” added DiLoreto. “Infrastructure can either be the engine for long-term economic growth and employment, or, it can jeopardize our nation’s standing if poor roads, deficient bridges, and failing waterways continue to hurt our economy.”

For the first time, the Report Card for America’s Infrastructure features state specific data and rankings, including:

  • Illinois has the 5th highest state gas tax (39.1 cents/gallon) compared to other states.
  • Illinois has the 38th highest percentage (15.36%) of deficient bridges when compared to other states.
  • Illinois has reported $15 billion in drinking water infrastructure needs over the next 20 years.
  • Illinois has reported $17.5 billion in wastewater infrastructure needs over the next 20 years.
  • Driving on roads in need of repair costs Illinois motorists $2409 million a year in extra vehicle repairs and operating costs – $292 per motorist.
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