Able Engineering Services

The team at Able Engineering Services (from L to R) Jim Hickey, Engineering Manager, Jack O'Rourke, Vice President, Midwest Region, Brian Staunton, Engineering Manager, Dan Murphy, Engineering Manager, and Dan Lawlor, Engineering Manager.

With more facilities opting to contract with professional property operations companies, we at the Chief Engineer thought it was time to report on just what makes such a decision a smart one for building owners and just what facility managers can expect from contracting with one of these O&M companies.

We begin our report of these companies at the beginning of the alphabet with Able Engineering Services (AES). Founded in 1995, Able has grown to become one of the largest employers of Stationary Engineers in the United States. Employing both union and nonunion workers, Able manages 3,100 workers throughout the country, operating in nearly every type of facility vertical you could imagine.

According to their marketing materials, what makes Able successful is their ability to draw on their national network of knowledge, which they have developed by operating facilities in so many areas around the country. Jack O’Rourke, the Vice President of Midwest Operations for Able, and a member of the Chief Engineers, explained to us that a big difference between Able Engineering and most other O&M companies is that every member of their management team began their career as a Stationary Engineer and worked their way up to the management position they currently hold within the company.

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