2G Cenergy Produces First Dedicated Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Powered CHP


2G’s hydrogen internal combustion engine family is much more than just an advanced production engine. These CHP systems are specially prepared to burn hydrogen as a fuel, but are based on the same modular engine series that powers many 2G CHP products fueled by natural gas, biogas, or other specialty gases. Significant efforts were made to optimize this engine for hydrogen fuel to achieve maximum efficiency and robust durability. Prior to production, 2G dedicated years to development and performed thousands of tests on the factories’ engine test cells to ensure optimum durability and performance. The engine development process replicated the same stringent durability standards applied to all other 2G CHP engines.

2G’s IL6 and V12 hydrogen-fueled engines are powering 2G’s agenitor® 306 and 312 CHP systems, which have many advantages when utilized for CHP such as high efficiency (up to 41%), and near zero emissions of regulated pollutants and greenhouse gases (CO2). NOx emissions are also reduced by more than 75%.

The first units have been installed at the new Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport energy station, and are now operated by gas giant TOTAL, renewable energy company ENERTRAG, the LINDE Group, and a multinational oil consortium. Additional hydrogen fueled cogeneration systems will be delivered to customers later this year. Hydrogen internal combustion engine technology represents an important step toward enabling hydrogen to become a more broadly available CHP fuel.

The fluctuating hydrogen fuel produced by electrolysis is captured by a unique patented technology for storing hydrogen in solid form (metal hydrides) at low pressure, dramatically improving security related to hydrogen storage. This storage enables the permanent supply of hydrogen fuel for the 2G CHP system. Dual fuel technology also allows the cogeneration system to operate with natural gas.

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