For the operation of boiler systems, Metropolitan’s ThermoTech™ controller can be customized in packages to control from one and up to eight boilers.

Currently, models are available in one PLC.

Features include the ability to set lead boilers, monitor return temperatures and flow meter inputs, track system modulation percentage, set stage delays, configure high and low temperature settings, operate off an outdoor reset, and track other vital system information.

With integrated help screens for all set point options, it’s as if the operator’s manual is built right into the touch screen.

Its smart control strategy alternates individual boiler operation, and includes an Ethernet connection and output alarms to allow for optional remote monitoring capabilities of system operation.

“The ThermoTech™ is such a diverse boiler controller simply because it can be customized to meet any and all specifications,” said Metropolitan Industries mechanical engineer Neil Vogel. “As opposed to standard equipment packages, the ThermoTech™ controller can be customized with features designed to fit the specific application.”

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