Roosevelt University Vertical Campus

A view from one of four green rooftops on the new Roosevelt University Vertical Campus Building.

Founded in 1945 as Thomas Jefferson College and renamed that same year, following the death of then President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Chicago’s Roosevelt University has garnered a reputation as a world-class educational institution residing within the city’s busy downtown Loop area. While there are distinct advantages for the university in being located in the Loop, the scarcity and high cost of property needed for expansion can pose a serious dilemma.

Anyone who knows anything about Roosevelt University and its history will tell you that accomplishing the impossible is something the school and its administrators do everyday. So when it came to expanding the University’s Loop campus, administrators decided to think vertically. The result is a newly commissioned 32-story Vertical Campus at 425 South Wabash Avenue that provides for every need of the university’s students from academic to leisure activities.

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