Historic Hotels Restored, Others Linger


This Sept. 20, 2012 photo shows the historic San Juan Hotel in San Juan, Texas. The hotel is a Texas Historical Landmark that’s one of the upper Valley’s oldest buildings. (AP Photo/Valley Morning Star, Dina Arevalo)

The Cortez Hotel opened its doors in 1928, becoming a premier social hub of the Mid Valley.

But the old four-story building eventually became an eyesore in the heart of downtown Weslaco, Patti Dittburner said.

“It was the home of pigeons, poverty and prostitutes,” she said. “Every year, it looked a little worse.”

But she had a vision to revive the ramshackle building to its grandeur.

“It’s always been a dream of mine. I thought it would be wonderful to bring that building back to its original condition,” said Dittburner, who was a member of the city’s main street board charged with the revitalization of Weslaco’s downtown.

“I thought, ‘Maybe this is possible,”’ she said. “The ugly Cortez didn’t make anything look good.”

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