Give Me Shelter: Weather Violence Increasing Demand for Safe Rooms


The delivery of a SafeDome to Miami Dade County Aviation Dept. for their personnel stationed in the Everglades.

Hurricane Andrew in 1992 proved the need for a personal disaster shelter and Pressler started to build virtually indestructible and super energy efficient dome homes under the name of Lunar Construction. He quickly abandoned the idea of homes and went on to build sheds called SafeDomes. with the same construction. The original weighed 11 tons and Pressler donated it to the Boy Scout Camp in West Davie, Florida. His SafeDomes now are weighing in at around 8 tons. A four inch concrete foundation is poured with steel rebar. Then a steel cage is placed over an inflated air-form. Three inches of concrete are applied to the cage and a steel exterior door is added. A window protected by an accordion hurricane panel and a removable roof ventilator are added.

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