Give Me Shelter: Weather Violence Increasing Demand for Safe Rooms


In this undated photo supplied by Charlie Johnson Builder, a saferoom inside a residential home is seen partially built in Eustis, Fla. Charlie Johnson builder offers new homes with above hurricane code standards, including features such as: concrete walls and safe room complete with electric outlet and A.C. vents. Many builders are offering the upgrades to homeowners so that they can better resist the effects of a hurricane. (AP Photo/Charlie Johnson Builder)

Two years ago, the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, unveiled Science Storms, an unprecedented and dramatic permanent exhibit that reveals the extraordinary science behind some of nature’s most powerful and compelling phenomena—tornados, lightning, fire, tsunamis, sunlight, avalanches and atoms in motion. If you are in Chicago, it is an excellent way to see and comprehend the elements of nature in a safe environment.

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