Game Of The Future: NFL 2017


“Definitely. We’re almost there,” NFL senior executive vice president Ray Anderson said.

Giants general manager Jerry Reese agrees. “That’s something I could definitely see by 2017,” he said.

The first-down line that has become a staple of all NFL broadcasts should become a fixture for fans at the stadium through the same technology, too. Chain gangs might disappear, as well, if measurements can accurately be determined through high-tech enhancements. Lasers or computer chips could “extend 100 feet up” Anderson said, to determine if a kick goes through the uprights.

“There’s so many things we can and will do with technology the way it is and will be,” Anderson said.

NFL Players Association Executive Director DeMaurice Smith believes Jerry Jones has put many of the advancements in motion at his billion-dollar palace, things that will become common throughout the NFL in five years.

“Take Cowboys Stadium, where that stadium was designed for players to walk through that tunnel and glass partition where fans can see them up close and touch them,” Smith said.

“I don’t care how good your HD TV is at home, if you want that opportunity to get up close, that is very cool in Cowboys Stadium.

“Jerry Jones got there because he asked the question of how am I going to get people interested in coming down here? One way: to touch players.”

The guys playing the game in 2017 could have helmets with more padding to protect their heads, along with lightweight knee, thigh and hip pads that the NFL plans to make mandatory, perhaps by next season. They will spend even more time with personal trainers and dieticians.

At least they’d better, according to Brian Martin, CEO of TEST’s academies in Florida and New Jersey, who believes the current CBA and its limitations on time spent at team facilities will have a huge effect on player health.

“They need to make sure they have doctors and physical therapists that the athletes trust, people outside their NFL organizations,” Martin said. “They will need to do research on their own into helmets and equipment. Nutrition will become more calculated; it’s hit or miss with them right now.”

Martin sees players hiring their own specialists such as podiatrists, chiropractors and sports psychologists.

“They are CEOs of their company and their bodies are their company,” he said.

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