Dominican University Upgrades and Saves With Nicor Rebate


Metropolitan designed a custom heat transfer package to capture heat generated from an adjacent chiller system to be used as A/C reheat in the Rebecca Crown Library.

The Process
The custom design developed by the Metropolitan team & DRF was presented to Nicor and was pre-approved on April 22nd, 2012. The project was approved for a $70,000 rebate based on a gas savings estimate of 70,000 therms.

With the pre-approval in hand, Metropolitan set out to design and manufacture the prefabricated systems. The major design issue was constructing these systems in a way that permitted installers to maneuver around and through the existing building and place new equipment into existing mechanical rooms. Metropolitan achieved this by constructing the units as modular packages that were small enough to bring into place and then assembled right on location. The unit that went into Parmer Hall had to be hoisted down a small airshaft to place it onto the building’s existing mechanical room. Each unit, once in place, was then ready to be connected to the system by the mechanical contractor.

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