Chicagoland Roofing Council

Chicago City Hall

CRC Roofing Contractors and Local 11 workforce provided the best waterproof protection at the first big vegetative covered roof project in North America, Chicago’s City Hall.

Having a roof put on your home or business is not as simple as it was when we sat on the floor and just laid wooden or plastic planks on our Lincoln Log and Lego models. It would be nice and convenient if it were. We could just call upon our extended family members and friends to come on over with a hammer and we would supply the wood, nails, burgers, and beer. We know better. All we have to do is find a roofer and pick out a color, material, and price that is attractive to us. And “that” is “that“.

But “that” shouldn’t be “that“. And “that” isn’t “that“. In actuality, many of us don’t know much more than “that” when it comes to a roof. With this in mind, let us, for the ease of conversation, consider the low slope roof at this time.

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