Who’ll Stop The Rain


In the wake of the flooding at River City, it became apparent that bringing the facility back on-line would certainly take more than a few hours. Just bringing in the generators and running the construction lighting needed for workers would take more than a few hours to complete. As Jim set about estimating the damage and formulating a plan to restore the building, the enormity of the task at hand began to be realized.

“I have a good friend who lives in the Tri-Taylor area. He and his family let me sleep on their couch. I would work here 16 to 18 hours a day and then sack out there for a few hours,” Jim told us.

“The contamination was extensive,” he said. “Diesel fuel from the emergency generator had contaminated the space so we had environmental considerations to take into account. Also the cars in the parking garage had lost gasoline, antifreeze and motor oil”.

Jim explained how remediation had to be done to mitigate environmental hazards before any actual repair and construction could get underway.

“All domestic water tanks, pumps and piping had to be replaced or disinfected,” he explained. Two new 650-ton Carrier chillers were installed along with two new Cleaver Brooks, 350BHp, fire-tube boilers. A new Caterpillar 400 kWh generator was installed and because no elevator company would certify the hydraulics of the two service elevators in the garage, two new hydraulics elevators were being installed.

Considering the scope of work that was required, it seems almost impossible that tenants could have returned to the building in just twenty-one days. But through the hard work of Jim and a dedicated team of contractors he brought in, that is exactly what was done.

Chiller Room BEFORE
Chiller Room AFTER