Who’ll Stop The Rain


The new 400 kWh Caterpillar Generator

“It was extremely dangerous work,” Jim told us. “Debris had washed up everywhere and some cars were found wedged against walls and pillars. We even discovered a large steel gang-box lodged between overhead pipes that had apparently floated up there”.

He described how, as the water levels continued to drop, firefighters turned from a rescue phase to a search and recovery phase. “About 90 cars were recovered from the garage and everyone was checked by firefighters to be sure no one was inside”.

Jim remained on site for over 120 hours that first week, assessing damage and formulating a plan to bring facility power and environmental systems back as quickly as possible. “We had tenants coming up and asking us how things were going. Some were sleeping in their cars on the street,” he said. “It was incredibly sad and it kept us all going as fast as we could to bring the building back”.