Who’ll Stop The Rain


Garage Entrance during.....

With nightfall just a few hours away, the building had already fallen into an eerie, silent darkness that made it dangerous for both tenants and emergency responders. Of immediate concern to everyone was whether or not anyone was trapped in the underground parking garage. The parking fills nearly all of the facility’s basement and has space for 140 cars and a large bicycle storage area. The entire space had flooded in approximately 15 minutes with an estimated 5 million gallons of water when massive steel doors gave way to water pressure, exploding inward and directly off their steel frames.

...and after the flood

“I cannot speak too highly of the Chicago Fire Department,” Jim said. “They are truly unsung heroes who responded with such a high degree of professionalism, compassion and leadership. Every person in this city should be grateful for such courageous people and extremely proud of their Fire Department,” he concluded.

Throughout the night pumps worked to bring the levels down so that firefighters could enter the buildings garage and lower level in small rescue boats, searching for anyone who might have
been trapped.