Who’ll Stop The Rain


In the Chicago Loop area, most citizens paid little attention to the flooding occurring in the surrounding area. Those living or working along the Chicago river that meanders west and south through the loop made note of quickly rising water levels, but still, paid little attention.

Early Saturday morning, James Sadowski, the Director of Operations for Marc Realty, received a call from building security alerting him that one of the properties he oversees, along the river in the 300 block of south Wacker Drive, was starting to take water into its lower level. With no stationary engineer staffed in the building during weekends, it was left to Jim to make the drive from his home in Northern Indiana into the Loop.

Jim didn’t mind giving up part of his weekend. Over the years he had responded to more than a few emergencies occurring in the properties he maintained. Listen to him speak of his work and you soon realize that operating buildings is more than just a job to him – it is his passion. Like most successful Chief Engineers who rise to become a part of upper management, Jim has that confidence and experience needed to confront and solve problems that arise within large commercial properties.