Who’ll Stop The Rain


Special Thank You

Jim has high praise for everyone who worked along with him to restore River City and to bring the tenants of the building home as quickly as they could. As a courtesy to him, we are happy to mention the contributions of some key people that he says went far above and beyond:

  • Anne Voshel of AVA Consultants in Chicago who worked right along with Jim and insurers making certain necessary paperwork was in order.
  • Jim Gergit, Assistant Chief Engineer, River City Facilities Management
  • Chris Jakubowski, Asset Manager, River City Facilities Management
  • Eric Stasior, Engineer, River City Facilities Management
  • Gil Theel, Senior Foreman, Dunning Electric. Dunning Electric was lead electrician for the project.
  • Jim Wasniewski, President, Roberts Environmental. Roberts Environmental was lead HVAC contractor for the project
  • John Ferek, Director of Operations, Global Water Treatment. Global water provided the services that cleaned and sanitized all heating and cooling systems and provide new chemical fee and filtration systems for the central plant.
  • Mike McDonald, Vice President, Kleen Air. Kleen Air provided consultation, ventilation restoration and final cleaning.
  • Krzysztof Puchalski, painter, Continental Painting. Continental was the lead painting and decorating contractor for the project.
Jim Sadowski, Jim Gergit, and Jim Wasniewski work to fine tune the new 650-ton Carrier Chiller.

Jim also asked the Chief Engineer to express his gratitude to the following:

  • City of Chicago Fire Department Commissioner Robert Hoff
  • City of Chicago Fire Department Deputy Commissioner Nicholas Russell
  • City of Chicago Fire Department District Chief Salvador Marquez
  • City of Chicago Fire Department Captain Hughs
  • City of Chicago Fire Inspector Robert Steffens
  • The men and women of the Chicago Fire Department
  • Alderman Bob Fioretti and his staff
  • Joe Neubauer, ComEd
  • Noel Rivera, ComEd
  • Glenn Gilliam, Com Ed
In front of the two new Cleaver Brooks 350BHp fire-tube boilers from left to right: Director of Operations at Marc Realty, Jim Sadowski, and Engineers Jim Gergit, Eric Stasior and Richard Thayer of River City Facilities Management

Companies that worked to restore River City and return her tenants include:

  • Peoples Gas
  • ComEd
  • Tecnica Environmental Services
  • North Shore Fire Protection
  • Fluid Technologies Pumps and Controls
  • S-P-D Incorporated
  • Chicago Power & Communications, Inc.
  • J.C. Restoration
  • Chicago Switchboard Company, Inc.
  • Atlas Sales & Rentals, Inc.
  • Chicago Locksmith Service
  • A.C.E. All City Environmental Waste Services, Inc.
  • C.J. Erickson Plumbing
  • Kleen Air Services
  • EGSL Environmental Group Services Limited
  • Global Water Treatment
  • Roberts Environmental Control Corp.
  • AVA Consultants
  • Anderson Elevator Company

The Chief Engineer thanks Jim Sadowski for allowing us to tell the story of River City and highlight the efforts of the men, women and organizations that worked tirelessly to restore the building.