Trap Program Reduces University’s Steam Costs by 21%


Harris recommended a sophisticated device known as Dr. Trap, manufactured by Armstrong International, which is the latest tool for testing steam traps that uses ultrasonic and infrared technology to analyze and display trap information. Dr Trap integrates with SteamStar, a web-based platform also developed by Armstrong International that is used for recording, monitoring and managing steam trap information allowing users access to detailed reports that includes steam and monetary loss, defective trap insight, trap evaluations, trending, emissions output and manufacturers summaries. These two products working in tandem can virtually reduce steam trap failure rates to nil with proper implementation.

“Early detection and prompt replacement of failed traps is critical to an effective Steam Trap Management Program,” says Harris.

Once the university approved funding for the new detection and analysis equipment Herman set out to implement the new program immediately by conducting an initial round of testing to see where the university stood in terms of failure and monetary losses. The first round of testing raised eyebrows and showed that the university had a 31.4 percent failure rate, which is higher than average. Even worse was that steam loss that equaled 15 million pounds a year, which amounted to a $96,396 monetary loss for the university.

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