President’s Message September 2011

Greetings to All,Angelo Saccameno, President

As of the authoring of this message (on the morning of August 9, 2011), I am sitting back in my chair and I am somewhat bewildered as to where to begin. Just when it started to feel as though the economy may be lifting and just maybe the country was beginning to understand which direction it must go, it appears that America, the business community and every single tax paying citizens resolve is once again going to be pressed to the limits.

Between our federal government playing too many political games and failing to govern and our financial markets migrating trillions of dollars out of the stock market, one just has to wonder what is it going to take before the American Citizen steps back and comes out swinging. I am just wondering how much more we can take. I ask, is the next step a revolution?

Please understand, it is neither the intent of this President’s message nor the intent of the organization to speak from or with any political bias. It is, however, my intent to let our general membership and our subscribers as well as all Active Chief Engineers know that the organization truly feels and understands the magnitude and the pain being felt by the latest events this country has experienced. I want to assure the membership that the Board recognizes and is aware of the difficulties the latest events may cause to all Americans and small business owners. I also wanted to assure the general membership that the current board is again reviewing our projected spend to insure that we are being as fiscally responsible as possible. I also want to assure the general membership that during this very trying and volatile period, the board if necessary will make any changes and or adjustments to our policies and procedures to maintain the organization’s viability.

As such, I also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank all of the Associate Members as well as the firms that have elected to advertise in the CEAC Magazine. Your continued support is so greatly appreciated. My sincere gratitude and thanks to you all.

It is that time of the year when our younger children as well as our college bound kids will be gathering their required school needs and will be setting up to write the next chapter in their lives. How exciting and how fortunate are they. On behalf of the organization, I want to extend to all students the best of luck in this up and coming academic year. Study hard. It will pay back!!!

The month of September brings about our annual golf outing. We look forward to seeing you all on September 16, 2011 for this event. September also signals that we are beginning the last quarter of this year’s general meetings. Yes, Octoberfest will take place. The event particulars are almost complete. Details on the well attended meeting will be forthcoming. The November general meeting will include the mandatory vote for the “New Slate of Officers and Directors”. As of now, December’s Christmas charitable event is under discussion.

In closing, please keep your confidence high and your belief strong that America will come out of the current instability a much better and a much stronger nation. I know Americans will not stand for anything less.

Lastly, the CEAC extends all of our gratitude and prayers to the families of the military personnewl lost in the first weekend of August 2011. Please keep all of the young men and women serving in the armed forces in your prayers and thoughts. They all are the unsung heroes of this nation. Let us not forget that.

Angelo Saccameno
President, CEAC

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