Hyatt Regency Chicago Reduces Water & Energy Demands


The new booster system is controlled with Metropolitan’s patented variable speed controller known as the Metro-Tech II. The Metro-Tech II integrates all pump operation and displays information on its color user interface. Operators can change set points, view real-time operating conditions, view integrated help screens and view alarms using its color touch screen interface.

The building is divided into three zones to stabilize pressure. There is a commercial level zone, a mid level zone and high level zone. At each zone, pressure reducing valve stations maintain each of the zone’s pressure requirements and the two 119-gallon bladder tanks installed in the top floor mechanical room help to sustain constant pressure to all zone’s regardless of building flow demands.

Using bladder tanks at the top of the express riser stores pressure so the system can shut off during low flow periods. As flow is consumed the pump system will activate and supply water to the building at the desired pressure. Once the demand for water is reduced to a low flow period, the system will shut off once again. Significant energy savings is realized during low flow periods when using variable speed drives and bladder tanks in combination.

Water Savings Astounding
With the installation of new plumbing risers, properly designed PRV stations, the new variable speed domestic booster system and water efficient fixtures, Hyatt Regency Chicago has seen a reduction in 2010’s water consumption of 16.5 %, a savings of 17 million gallons of water when compared to 2009. Once the east tower comes fully online with the already renovated west tower in first quarter 2011, the water savings should double.

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