181 Madison: Still Efficient After All These Years


Chief Engineer Jerry Palmere reviewing the building automation system data feed.

As I passed the security guard on my way back to my car, I understood why Jerry was excited about the program and why it was important information for other Chiefs. The program helps the Chief Engineer succeed in their mission. The cooperation and funding help provided by ComEd makes it an easy sell to management as an Energy Conservation Measure. The use of a company like ESD makes it easier to test for and identify inefficiencies and sub-optimal performances by equipment to qualify for the program. For Jerry, it provides an opportunity to once again prove the value of Chief Engineers by working with ESD to provide solutions to management that save money on building system costs and reduce a building’s carbon footprint. More importantly, it continues the 181 W. Madison building’s history of energy efficiency that started with its opening and has continued for over 20 years under Jerry Palmere as it’s Chief Engineer.

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