181 Madison: Still Efficient After All These Years


A close-up of the building automation system interface.

Highlights of the report included four measures that could be taken advantage of under the ComEd program. The cost of implementing the four Retro-Commissioning Measures or RCM’s was approximately $16,000, due to a requirement of using an outside technician to do programming changes and sensor verification. However, the savings of the RCMs was estimated at close to $37,000 per year from electric costs with a payback anticipated in half a year. Additionally, under the program, ComEd will pay 100% of ESD’s fees for the evaluation and commissioning, and the only cost to MB Real Estate is the implementation of the low cost measures.

Following the call, Jerry brought me to his office so we could continue discussing the program. Jerry showed me the buildings automation system and explained how installation of the new sensors and putting in place the recommended changes would provide more information and enable additional control of the buildings HVAC/R system. The integration would make it easier to create set points, and schedule adjustments to the overall system based on time of day.

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