181 Madison: Still Efficient After All These Years


he MB team, (from left to right) Steve Milenkov, Jerry Palmere, Krystal Kurinsky and Rob Burkitt.

By the time I parked and was back at the dock door, Jerry was there to greet me. He ushered me in and said that he’d like me to sit in on a conference call with Krystal Kurinsky, Senior VP of Asset Management for MB Real Estate, along with Steve Milenkov and Rob Burkitt of MB and Kyle Hendricks of Environmental System Design, Inc. (ESD) has been working with MB for the last 3 years on a series of programs offered by ComEd to improve the value of energy dollars spent by building operators and in the process, saving money and protecting the environment.

The particular ComEd program that ESD and MB are taking advantage of this year is Building Retro-Commissioning. Retro-commissioning, according to the ComEd website, is “a full-building tune-up designed to help your building perform optimally.” It involves an evaluation of all energy-using systems in a building in order to identify and implement low-cost and no-cost energy-saving improvements. That is where ESD comes in. ESD, a ComEd pre-approved Retro-Commissioning service provider, did the systems evaluations and issued an investigative report highlighting the possible measures that can be taken under the program. The conference call I was able to be a part of was to discuss the report.

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