Thermo-Activated Shut-Off Device Improves Fire Safety

FireBag® thermo-activated shut-off devices shut off gas supply when ambient temperatures reach 212ºF, preventing the spread of fire which can lead to gas explosions. According to the NFPA, the U.S. fire departments face 2,110 home fires a year where natural gas is the first material ignited, and 1,170 home fires a year where LP-gas is involved with the start of a fire. Most home gas fires originate in the kitchen at the stove or gas range.

Manual shut-off at the source of an appliance gas fire is simply too dangerous. Typically, the fire department manually shuts gas off from the street-side main shutoff valve using a special wrench. The elapsed time between when the fire is detected, the fire department contacted, and their arrival can lead to excessive property damage and raises the potential for gas explosions.

API Standard 607 defines the Fire Test for Soft Seated Quarter Turn valves; it defines the test and the methods for testing. Since it is a well known standard, the API607 is often used as an acceptable criteria for devices that are not covered by the standard. The FireBag will meet the temperature and leakage requirements of ANSI/API607 for natural gas, propane and butane.

When the outside temperature reaches 203-212ºF metal alloy in the FireBag that keeps plug and cartridge together melts and the spring pressure pushes the plug against the gas opening to close it completely. Once triggered, the shut-off device works up to 1,697ºF for one hour. No fire or heat detectors are required to automatically intercept gas flow.

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