Bloodborne Pathogens For Healthcare DVD Available

Summit’s latest attention-grabbing program was filmed on-site, using real
footage within the healthcare industry to give the full experience of possible
hazards that may occur in the work environment. Summit’s Bloodborne Pathogens
for Healthcare addresses that personnel within the industry should utilize “Standard
Precautions,” a combination of Universal Precautions and Body Substance
Isolation. This means that all blood, body fluids, secretions, excretions (except
sweat), nonintact skin, and mucous membranes may contain bloodborne pathogens.

This program covers:

• What bloodborne pathogens are

• Diseases that could be transmitted

• Potential exposure routes

• How to protect yourself and

• What to do if exposure does occur.

Summit’s Video/DVD Bloodborne Pathogens for Healthcare ensures that
every individual that could potentially encounter these hazards are aware of
necessary precautions.

Contact Summit by calling 800-842-0466 or visiting

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